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Returns management is a vital part of the fulfilment process

Are you spending lots of time and resources on processing returns? We can help you reduce your returns handling costs and provide insights into your customer preferences.

We’ll manage the whole returns process for you

After doing all the hard work to find a customer, taking their order and then shipping the products to them, it’s most frustrating when they return a product.

Handling their returns quickly and in a hassle-free way is critical to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

Keeping track of your customers’ returns

Our systems will also enable you to keep track of the process as items are returned, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening at any given point.

As we cover a wide range of sectors and companies, we can guide you on what is a ‘normal’ level of return and then help you understand the root causes of returns to help you meet your customers’ expectations. This may be as simple as improving packaging for delivery or could be around products not meeting expectations.

Insights into the reasons for returns

We’ll send you a daily report that allows you to see the status of your customers’ returns, the reason for the returns and notification of whether we can return the items straight to stock.

This allows you to process refunds quickly and efficiently and will assist any product purchase analysis you wish to carry out.

Establishing a consistent approach to returns management

We think the key to returns management is efficient and repeatable instructions with a very clear inspection process. We will establish with you, a set way to assess your returns and then follow a standard process of grading the return based on both the product and the industry norms.

For example, clothing will be graded from 1 to 5 with good quality stock returned to inventory and others being re-worked to various degrees according to your quality control standards.

Our re-work services can include re-labelling, re-packaging, re-pricing and rectification services including steam cleaning, stitch repair and other services.

We can arrange for photographs to be taken of all returns if required, but we do ask that our clients make quick decisions regarding returns to ensure that products and customer refunds are processed quickly.

Some of our clients prefer to handle the return directly themselves and make those decisions themselves. We’ll help you to understand the full costs of each method so you can make an informed decision. This can be reviewed at any time as your business needs change and grow.

Returns expectations

As your business matures and develops, it will become easier to understand the level of returns that will be generated by your customers.

When new products are launched they can then be benchmarked against a base level to understand if this is a ‘normal’ level or whether there are issues with the product.

Specific returns and re-working projects

We recognise that something may go wrong with your inventory, perhaps there has been a product failure not found at manufacture or customer tastes have changed and you need to change one part of your product or re-package a batch of products. Your client manager will work with you to define the project so you have clear costs defined and you get the product back onto your warehouse shelves as quickly as possible so that you are not tying up cash on unusable inventory.

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