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fulfilrr helps facilitate your product bundling to get the most out of your inventory and increase basket value

We understand the need to give your customers great value and can get you set up to provide a range of product combining offers that will also increase basket size and purchase value.

We can help increase basket size and value

You can combine products on your website into a bundle and let fulfilrr do the work of picking and combining SKUs into one parcel for your customers.

Would you like to offer a free gift? Run a buy one get one free offer? Buy 6 items for the price of 5? We can take all your marketing ideas and make them happen quickly and easily.

Not only will this increase basket value but it’s a convenient way to move some of your underperforming products.

Our Customer Success Team will help you set this up on your platform and make sure everything is working perfectly. Relax and let fulfilrr do all the work!

If you would like to know how bundles work and how to maximise your basket value, get in touch with our team.

Would you like to combine different items into a kit to offer added value to your customers?

Would you like to add value for your customers and improve your sales value by combining 2 products into 1 item? No problem, let Fulfillr make your kits for you.

We can take your battery packs supplied from one side of the world with your product from the other side of the world and combine them together.

Your customer will never know that the products have been put together into one box and shipped straight to them at the point of shipment. A great way to take a ‘basic product’ and increase sale value by making it higher value to your customers.

We do all the work to ensure you’re happy with the process and can give you a clear quote with pictures and videos if needed. Your Client Manager will make sure that everything is set up and that everything you need is at a fixed cost so you don’t have to worry.

If you like to know more about how kitting works and how we can help you increase your items’ value get in touch.

No barcodes on your product? No problem.

At fulfilrr we understand that as an e-Commerce company you may not want all the hassle and cost of putting barcodes on your product as your customers don’t need it.

For that reason, we are happy to accept products without barcodes. As long as your product is clearly labelled, we’ll take it from there.

We scan our picking notes and make sure we scan the product when we pass it to your carrier, so you know where it is, but we don’t put the process ahead of customers.

Is your existing provider forcing you to pay for barcodes or charging you for processes that add no value?

Get in touch and let us show you how our straightforward approach works and saves you money.

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